finding you the best talent in the market

Hiring Managers can rest assured knowing that working with Mazi is Risk-Free. You don’t pay a penny until you find the right candidate!

Mazi Workforce Solutions leverages its deep talent network that covers several industries to identify multiple candidates for each requisition. Our multi-level pre-screening and interview process includes:

Comprehensive vetting from the initial call. Making sure each candidate has the skill set and professional experience that matches your needs and requirements.

Rigorous and thorough interview with our recruitment team. Our team is well versed in asking the right questions to determine if a potential candidate has what it takes to be effective with your organization. This may be multiple interviews with various team members and discussion on the candidate’s ability to contribute to your company’s success..

Reference checks. In order to ensure accurate work histories and indicators of future performance, Mazi completes at least 3 reference checks for each candidate presented to the client. Finally, candidate submissions that contain the data collected from each outlined step is presented to the client.

Benefits of partnering with Mazi Workforce Solutions

Our organization is comprised of experienced Recruiters from the industries that we serve so each candidate you receive from us is thoroughly vetted to meet your requirements. Utilize our comprehensive labor analysis service that includes market trends and research about the candidate profile that you are seeking to better prepare you in augmenting your staff. Adaptability to every company size and budget is a strength of our firm and we ensure that our clients receive competitively priced consultants that are never short on talent!

How Mazi supports your HR

Collaboration is important in any team and we strive to supplement your company’s hire process with our proven practices, not replace them. Mazi’s Recruiters will increase the search radius for your Human Resources department and find the elusive candidates that you need for specialized roles. Working in tandem with your HR, you will have access to candidate pools that will make an immediate impact on your team.
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